Remote control software – a new way to repair your computer?

Since computers are now easily considered to be the number one tool in every office, it’s absolutely crucial to tackle any issues with them as quickly as possible. Without a working station, it’s next to impossible to get any work done. Luckily, the computer repair companies are now offering a new service that will undoubtedly expedite the process: virtual assistance!

The evolution of computer repair

In the past, if there was an issue with your pc or mac, you had to physically bring your machine to the repair tech, which possibly meant hours of driving from point A to point B. On top of that, you had no guarantee the computer tech could even get your machine working in the same day. If you found yourself in a situation where you simply had to submit a report or send a file to your boss within a couple of hours, and that file was located on your machine exclusively, that spelled some very bad news.

However, things have changed in the computer repair industry. Most of the computer repair companies have extended their array of services, so it’s relatively easy to find one that’s willing repair your mac or pc over the internet, if the issue is software-related of course.

Remote control software is like a Swiss knife

Remote control software can solve multiple types of computer issues. A tech could easily access your machine to remove a virus or other malware on your system and also configure something for you. Even if you’re merely struggling to change a simple setting in one of your programs, but don’t know how, an experienced computer tech could assist you within minutes and save tons of hours of your valuable time.

Another great use of virtual assistance is customization. Perhaps you want to modify your working environment to better suit your needs, yet don’t have the technical know-how to do it? This is now a burden of the past. However, using this types of services does not only benefit corporate workplaces, but typical households as well. In this time and age, things are very busy, and it’s just not realistic to expect a typical John Smith to be able to configure a local network, to name one example.

Or maybe our John Smith needs a helping hand with his Powerpoint presentation, yet doesn’t have the time to comb through the whole internet to find the answers? Remote assistance has the potential to solve so many computer-related problems that the only limit is your own imagination.

How computer repairs and mac repair can be made using remote control software

This is probably the only potentially challenging part of the process, but if you listen to the company’s instructions, it’s rather straightforward. You simply install a software on your computer that allows the computer tech to access your machine over the internet. You still remain in control, however, and access is granted to that person only.

Furthermore, you are always monitoring everything the computer tech is doing on your mac or pc in real-time, so you can rest assured that nothing goes on behind your back. When the job is done, the computer tech simply disconnects from your computer, and you can either uninstall the remote control software or leave it installed in case you need additional remote assistance in the future.

In any case, the remote control software does not compromise your computer’s security in any way, since a password is required for someone to log in.